Welcome to PICPONG.

In short, we can print on everything!

PICPONG is the exclusive importer of X-Board raw material – recycled cardboard panels which meet strict quality standards:

– Our panels are large and strong, with a pressing capacity of 60 tons. They contain flame retardants, and are water resistant.

Our specialty: We create products using the aforementioned raw material- from planning and design to printing and installation.

Among other things, we create Points of Sale, branded furniture, booths for exhibitions, displays, and company events – including all peripheral materials.

PICPONG has the most advanced dedicated printing systems in the world.
This allows us to create an infinite variety of products, where all stages of production, from planning to completion, are done in-house.

Our resume includes countless unique and complex projects for clients both large and small.

What we offer:

A wide range of advertising, branding, marketing and design products for your business

Points of Sale

Floor or table sales stands

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Conferences and Special Events

Your wish is our command. You dream it, we’ll make it a reality

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Exhibition design

Present your business in the best light, with X-Board panels and endless design possibilities...

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Looking for inspiration?

We invite you to browse our Project Gallery to see a large selection of project ideas.

Selected Projects

Business Owner

All the materials you need to run a business smoothly.

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Interior Design

Branding isn’t just a logo and business card. Your firm’s office design is also an integral part of your business branding.

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Selected Projects

A variety of options are available to you

Our clients include